Hotel Sole cares a lot about the cleanliness of its rooms plus the tranquility and wellness of its guests. That’s why after a complete renovation in 2014, we did another additional renovation, ended on July 1st, 2021. To clean our rooms we use a new sterilization system for the mattresses, air conditioning filters, floors and toilets to guarantee the best hygiene. Our Children’s pool and playground area completes the Hotel Sole renovation work.
Our rooms are completely noiseless, thanks to new soundproof wall panels, doors and double glazed windows. Each room has been newly furnished in a modern design to ensure the ultimate in comfort. We also built a locker room dedicated to our guests that leave the hotel in the evening. Now, after the 12am check-out, you can enjoy your day at the beach to the last minute, come back to the hotel, have a quick shower and get ready for your return trip!
The new “I Love Spaghetti” Restaurant offers an incredible Italian and Thai dining experience thanks to our chefs.